FARWEST OUTDOOR'S flagship superboards are the only outdoor advertising outside of city limits between Calgary and British Columbia. These structures present an exclusive opportunity to advertise on the TransCanada Highway, both to and from the world-class destinations of Banff and Lake Louise. These iconic, high quality digitally printed boards are set against the backdrop of the Rocky Mountains and will showcase your organization to over 68,000+ individuals travelling this corridor every day. With east and westbound faces on both the north and south side of the TransCanada Highway, these fully illuminated mediums will deliver outstanding GRP’s at a cost-effective, competitive price.


FARWEST OUTDOOR also offers the same style of structure in Calgary on the TransCanada (16 Avenue NE). These fully illuminated mediums are visible to the over 77,000+ vehicles travelling this stretch daily. These high impact sites demand attention and will be seen by commuters day and night.